Regulated Solutions Group is a full-service compliance and regulatory marketing platform for the cannabis and hemp industry. We specialize in designing, producing and licensing consumer events for cannabis brands, partnering with some of the nation’s largest festivals, concert producers, and music venues to integrate legal cannabis experiences and sales into their events.
Our team provides unparalleled focus and experience in compliance and licensing with deep roots in other regulated categories (tobacco, spirits, beer).

The future of Cannabis is Compliance

The Cannabis legal landscape is complicated and evolving.
  • Brands are at sever risk if they do not adhere to mandated guidelines. RSG can help brands navigate these cannabis laws and activate compliant events
Experiential events are powerful vehicle in connecting brands with consumers
  • Cannabis plays a key role in social moments and experiential marketing can help create those memorable moments. RSG offers full-service experiential marketing capabilities
Experiential events are the perfect environment to discover and explore the world of cannabis, CBD and hemp products
  • See, taste, feel and connect with products in a personal way. RSG has decades of experience in licensing and regulated sales at festivals and events

Regulated Solutions Provides:

  • Decades of compliance and licensing experience, producing thousands of compliant, live events nationwide in other regulated industries (spirits, beer, tobacco)
  • Dedicated team focused on cannabis and CBD compliance laws, updates, and changes, locally and nationally, to mitigate the risk for our partners
  • A fully integrated offering of strategic marketing services with a focus on compliant execution at festivals, retail/dispensaries, nightlife venues, private events, etc.
  • Collaborative Team made up of professionals from various industries - marketing, entertainment, compliance law, licensing, distribution, and concessions